Visitor Services

Dockage and Mooring Rates

Fixed Wharf

$4.95 per ft per day

Heavy Floating Docks

$4.95 per ft per day

Regular Dock

$2.60 per ft per day

Heavy Mooring

$75.00 per day (over 50 ft.)

Regular Mooring

$60.00 per day

Canadian Border Services Agency

Visitors to Canada must, upon entering Halifax Harbor, contact CBSA via 1-888-Can-pass (1-888-226-7277). For private boats arriving in Nova Scotia, between April 1st and October 1st, the boat's master may fax the required vessel name and registration number and information for each individual on board to 902-426-3339 prior to departure from their foreign port and then call 1-888-226-7277 upon arrival.

Click here for further reporting guidelines and procedures.