The Squadron Birds


The closure of the club earlier this year led to a decision by Trustees to move many of our artifacts, paintings and trophies out of our unoccupied clubhouse and into more secure, off-site storage. While these treasures were being moved out, one old artifact was moving in; after an unknown number of years hidden away in staff offices or in Trustee storage areas, it is now back in the limelight. The artifact in question is a large, handsome and, until recently, somewhat dilapidated model about which we knew little other than it depicts a Bird-class yacht originally designed by one of the Squadron’s most storied former members and designer of the Bluenose, Past Vice Commodore Bill Roué. Research over the past few months has revealed a much more colourful story of a class of yachts that holds a place of pride in the Squadron’s and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club’s sailing histories.

The Squadron Birds - An article by Captain(N) S.D. Andrews RCN (Ret)