Prince of Wales Regatta

September 17

It's all up for grabs in this multi-class trophy-fest. In a change from previous years the Prince of Wales Trophy, the Wenonah Cup and the Oland-Passow Cup will be raced for simultaniously. Everyone is invited to vie for one of these valuable prizes and the racing will be open to a wider range of boats than before. 

This year will see a return to an idea that has worked in the past but with a twist. The Prince of Wales regatta will be a one day affair with three fleets competing for the three trophies simultaneously; the Prince of Wales, the Wenonah and the Oland-Passow. Exact fleet splits have yet to be decided but the minimum handicap has been lowered to increase the number of boats racing for the Oland-Passow trophy. Each trophy has, of course, a different minimum distance that needs to be covered and this should help get all the boats back close to the same time for the party afterwards. One day, all the silverware, a day of prestige, racing and seamanship.

Prince of Wales The most prestigious sailing race in the Maritimes, the Prince of Wales trophy. The trophy, gifted to the RNSYS back in 1860 by Prince Edward (later King Edward VII), will be raced for over a course not less than 25 nautical miles in the approaches to Halifax Harbour.

Wenonah TrophyOn par with the Prince of Wales trophy is the Wenonah cup. This long standing race is over 20 nautical miles in the approaches to Halifax Harbour.

2016 Race Schedule