Squadron Summer Cruise

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This year the cruise is staying close to home, venturing along the South Shore of Nova Scotia and spending evenings at anchor in the company of friends and fellow cruisers. 

Boats taking part in this year's cruise includes:
Akubra, Ambiance, Cape Fear, Dancer, Demon's Dance, Dexterity II, Flying Cat, Gremlin, Hula, Illicit, Littlest Hobo, Magical, Morning Watch, Wabi and White Nitro, with Takarabune joining by car. Visiting vessels from the Ocean Cruising Club include, Atsa, Equinoz, Fiscal Stray, Five & Dime, Grayce, Panacea, Ruby Tuesday and Twin Cove. 

cruise itinerary

Lastly, your Cruising Chair John van-Schalkwyk has done a tremendous amount of work to put together a beautiful cruise for the Club and for that we owe him a great deal of thanks!

2019 Summer Cruising Guide

Sponsors of the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race 2019:

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